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Pick your class and join a team of other players to vanquish the enemy. Completely free, Warface is a first-person shooter that was created by the same developers that brought you Far Cry and Crysis, Crytek. While a company that has a list of hit FPS shooter games in its resume would be expected to create games and sell them at full price, Crytek made Warface a free-to-play game that anyone can jump into and play, without spending any money. However, if you want to upgrade your armor and weapons, be prepared to pay some cash, real cash, not game cash.
This factor sort of has Warface falling into the “pay to win” stigma that many games seem to be falling into. In spite of this, Crytek has maintained a good balance in the teams, never having one team with a huge advantage over the other. Besides, well placed shots are usually plenty to take down opponents. For the most part, the success of your team will depend on your teammates experience and skill levels. The realism the game offers also helps you out.
If you are familiar with the capabilities of military equipment, you can pretty much figure out what you are going up against. Players can also select their class in Warface. You can be the stealthy sniper, or the medic. Each class will require you to think about how you are going to play. You can also change classes during game play so you can fill any spots your team might be lacking in. In an industry that is flooded with FPS games, Warface really does not bring anything new to the genre. However, it is a well-built game that is fun, and more importantly, free.


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Descrizione Una classica serie di giochi FPS davvero divertente Una selezione di giochi al computer Classico, azione FPS veloce Spazza via i tuoi nemici e con Combat Arms
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